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Federation of Swiss Societies in Eastern Canada

Mission Statement

The FEDERATION OF SWISS SOCIETIES IN EASTERN CANADA (in short FEDE) is an umbrella organization of Swiss Clubs in Eastern Canada. Its Board of Directors consists of max. 15 members, which are elected at its annual General Meeting in January by the member clubs. There are no individual members in the FEDE.

The FEDE's main purpose is to organize the yearly National day celebration in Sutton in close cooperation with the member clubs. Furthermore, the FEDE also provides a MAIN EVENT CALENDAR to the Swiss Community where they can look up scheduled events from all participating Swiss Clubs in Eastern Canada in one central place. The FEDE also serves as an intermediary between the member clubs and provides a platform for them to announce, advertise and coordinate their events.

The FEDE also provides on its website a club specific section which can serve as a fully functional website for each individual member club.