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Federation of Swiss Societies in Eastern Canada

Become a member

This form allows you - the user - to make an application to become a member of any Swiss Club. Simply choose one or several clubs listed in the drop down box. Your application will be sent to the club administrator - subject to approval. You can also choose to receive notices and newsletters from the various clubs listed on this website. By choosing the option NONE (in both boxes) you will not be associated with any club nor will you receive any news alerts from any club.

This form also allows you to register with the FEDE to receive the yearly program of our National Day Celebration in Sutton in electronic form thus doing your part in keeping the planet a bit greener. We count on you!!

Any field with a RED * has to be filled in. All other fields are optional. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the web administrator.

Instructions to select multiple clubs:

(Highlight one or several clubs: on a MAC press and hold "command" - select the desired clubs with the mouse - on a PC press and hold "CTRL" and select desired clubs)